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Me to be Me

I have always felt envious of writers of old, but never more than now. When composing their memoirs / journals / diaries all they had to do was leave them under the bed where, upon dying, their papers would be picked up and printed by a dear old friend who also happens to be a gentleman publisher. Simple. Writers of old didn’t have to worry about setting up MySQL databases, or panic about the possible meanings of PHP (Please Help, Please!!!) and methods of FTP uploads. But these, it seems, are the kind of problems that face modern writerly types who want nothing more than to share their thoughts with the world.

Anyway, after several days of struggling with complex pieces of code that look like some hideous poetic lovechild spawned from e. e. cummings and William Burroughs in the worst days of his addiction, I have finally managed to set up a blog on this site. Yay me. I owe it all to WordPress, which is a fantastic piece of blogging software and simple enough even for me (their famous five minute installation only took me a day and a half). So now the three or people who stumble onto this site accidentally throughout the year will be able to read what’s on my mind.

This site is really just the gatehouse to the other, much more professional sites that host my various children’s books and other projects. But it’s also a place for me to be me! Right, now I’m going to try and change my theme…