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Just a quick post tonight because I’m sure you’re all dying to know how I did on my Japanese test. Right? No? Oh, okay, well I can’t tell you anyway because I won’t find out until next week! I did seem to forget almost everything I’d learned, though, which isn’t good. I’d forgotten how stressful it was to take an exam!

So anyway, it’s just been another day of writing. I say ‘just’ but it is actually really exciting. Furnace 3 is glowing white hot at the moment as the action heats up, but it has become very violent… Even when compared to the first two… I hope my editors (in the UK and the US) don’t panic too much! I’ve just passed the 35,000-word mark.

I’m just having a quiet night in tonight. Last night I cooked a stew and took it round to Mum’s to give her a night off the cooking. Me, Mum and Jamie ended up playing a riddle game where you have to solve puzzles. It’s called Mind Trap and I’d really recommend it to anyone wanting to stretch their brain power, or for anyone wanting to write mystery books for that matter. It was lovely spending some time with Mum and Jamie anyway.

Oh, and I got such a lovely email the other day from a lady called Lynda in New Zealand. She said some lovely things about my creative writing book, Inspired Creative Writing, which is always nice to hear. But the best part was when she finished the email with this offer:

There is absolutely no need to reply – but should you ever visit New Zealand, drop me a line and I’ll bake a batch of scones and invite you to tea 🙂

Scones and tea! I think that’s the nicest offer I’ve ever had! Lynda, if I am ever in New Zealand I shall take you up on that, thank you (and I will reply to your email very soon)!

Watashi no namae wa Gordon desu

Last night went pretty well, there was a good turn out up at uni and the readers were all great. It was still a shame that mum couldn’t make it as her piece of life writing would have been a nice contrast to the poetry and prose, and just as interesting. But we did the best we could without her! Nathan was pretty chuffed with how many copies of the anthology we sold (plus the ones sold the night before in London), which is all money that gets pumped back into the egg box coffers for more fantastic books. Fab!

I have spent most of the day writing, which is good. Passed the 30,000-word mark for Furnace 3 today, which is a huge milestone psychologically as I always see that as the half-way mark (even though the books have tended to be a bit longer). The story has also reached a vital turning point at exactly the place I wanted it to, which is cool. It’s definitely been the hardest of the three to write so far, but I’m really enjoying it and things will only get more exciting in the second half…

Now I’m just putting off doing a bit of Japanese revision. Yup, I have started learning Japanese, mainly in the hope that one day I’ll have a book translated into the language and turned into a film by Studio Ghibli (the latter in my top five of the most amazing dreams I can think of). This will be my fourth week and it’s also EXAM TIME! I think it’s a little early for a test, personally, but then I’m not the teacher! I’ll crack on with it in a bit, but for now here are some things I can say about myself in Japanese:

Watashi no namae wa Gordon desu – My name is Gordon!
Watashi no shigoto wa sakka desu – I am a writer!
Watashi wa Igirisu-jin desu – I am British!
Watashi no sumai wa Norwich desu – My home is in Norwich!
Watashi wa eigo to nihongo o hanashimasu – I speak English and Japanese… (kind of!)
Watashi wa kekkon shite imasen – I am not married!
Watashi no dengwa bangou wa … desu – My telephone number is (now that would be telling)!

Anyway, I’d better go and get revising. Wish me luck for my test!


New DoP!

Just a quick post this evening as I’m running out for the launch of the UEA anthology, which as I mentioned a few posts ago is published by Egg Box. It should be quite an interesting mix of writers reading their work, although unfortunately mum’s been feeling ill the last few days so she has decided not to read. It’s such a shame as she would have been fab!

Last night went really well. Me, Kate, Simon and Jen went out for dinner with Tania, who is a Director of Photography. She has read the script for the film and she loves it, and we all loved her, so it looks like we’ve got ourselves a DoP for next year! Tania really knows her stuff, and I think she and Jen will make a fantastic team. Stagnant may only be a horror film, but they are planning to make it look gorgeous!

Oh, and I was good and only had a salad, you’ll be pleased to know. Although there was so much oil on it that I might as well have had a pizza… Still, at least it means my diet has officially started… Anyway, I must dash. Check the news page tomorrow for an exciting update!

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