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Warning: It’s Going to get Stormy!!!

The weather forecast is just in, and there’s a storm brewing…

And the reason for that is because today is the day that The Storm is published! For those of you that don’t know, The Storm is the sequel to The Fury. And for those of you who want to know a little more about it:



It started with the Fury.

It will end with the Storm.

Cal, Daisy and Brick now know the terrifying secret of the Fury, but the truth has made the world more dangerous than ever. In one direction the human race is still trying to murder them – every single person they meet becomes a bloodthirsty savage. In the other rages a monumental storm, born from a living corpse, a seething mass of darkness that threatens to devour everything.

Cal and the others must venture into the heart of the storm. But in unleashing their new powers they learn that they too pose a terrible threat, and that it is their own fury that could burn a hole in the world.

The concluding book in Alexander Gordon Smith’s cult epic The Fury series, The Storm continues the rollercoaster ride of horror and thrills.

So that’s the good news, and here’s the slightly-less-good-but-potentially-even-better news…

The Storm isn’t actually available as a physical book. It is ONLY PUBLISHED ON KINDLE. Yes, I know Amazon still has a physical book for sale, but please don’t buy it because nothing will arrive, it doesn’t actually exist and probably never will. However, those of you with Kindles can definitely buy it, and I really hope millions of you do!

Here’s the link!


So what’s going on then?!

Good question. The reason The Storm isn’t available as an actual book is because Faber have decided to follow in the shoes of my US publisher, FSG, and release both books in a single-volume mega book which is simply called The Fury. I’m not sure of the actual publication date for this yet, but I think it will be in August sometime. You’ll know when it happens because there will special cranes on standby outside your local book shops lifting the vast books inside one by one. Only kidding, The Director’s Cut (as it has been named) is around 700 pages long, which is still light enough to hold in a single hand. If you warm-up first…

The good thing about this is that I do think it works well as a single volume. It’s a big book but a fast one, and hopefully it flows quite smoothly between the first and second parts. I think it was really meant to be a single book, but at the time of writing we all made the decision to split it. Now, though, we have the option to make it a stunning single volume, and hopefully it works even better this way.

The bad thing about this is that unless you have a Kindle, you won’t be able to read The Storm on its own. Of course, if you do want to read it, then this means buying the whole book, half of which you have already read. I am SO SORRY about this, I know it sounds like we’re taking the mickey a bit, but it’s just the way it worked out. I really hope none of you mind, and I can’t apologise enough for those of you who feel a bit put out that you’re paying for something you’ve already half paid for. Ultimately the decision was out of my hands. For those of you who do hang on, though, the new edition will look something like this:

It uses the US artwork, and looks terrifying!!!!!!

Whichever version you end up reading, I really, really hope you enjoy it. And sorry again for all the confusion.


Fan Art Friday No. 3!

We haven’t had a Fan Art Friday in a while, which is totally my fault! *slaps wrist* There’s some amazing Furnace fan art out there, and it needs to be seen!!!!

An awesome fan called Jennifer has just emailed me this fantastic picture of the wheezer on the cover of Lockdown. It’s terrifyingly realistic! Thanks so much for sending it, Jenn, I love it!!


If anyone has any fan art they’d like to share then email it to me using the links on the homepage!

Furnace in France!!!

It’s a tres exciting day today because Furnace is released in France!!! It is called La Fournaise: Enferme, and it is published by the awesome people at Pocket Jeunesse. They have really gone to town on their website, devoting their home page to the book:

And they have made this massively cool trailer for it too:

I’m so excited!! This is my first book to be released in French, and I’m hoping to head over there at some point to do some signings. I can’t actually speak much French at all – apart from the very petit I remember from ecole – but this is a good opportunity to brush up on my language skills. I just want to say a HUGE merci to everyone at PKJ for making the book look so great, and for putting so much behind it!! I’m thrilled!

Oh, and I have a spare copy, which I’m giving away. To win, just leave a comment on this blog and I will pick a winner at random in a few days. Bon chance!!


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