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Weekly Catchup – 20th May!

More like a monthly catchup this one, but never mind! I’ve been on a small tour to mark the publication of The Fury, which has been fun! A big shout-out to Mansfield Library, Brunts School, The Stratford-upon-Avon Literary Festival, Warwick School, King Edward VII Grammar School, Battersea Park School, Ixworth Middle School, the Grampian Children’s Book Awards, Torry Academy and Oldmachar Academy! I had an amazing time, and a huge thanks to everyone who helped organise it! Here’s a picture of me in King Edward VII Grammar School, in the same room where Shakespeare was taught when he was a kid!!

Shakespeare's Old School!

It was also wonderful heading back up to the Grampians, although sadly I wasn’t up for the award this year, I was just co-hosting along with the ever-awesome Barry Hutchison, the delightful Cathy MacPhail, and the lovely Caroline Clough. It was a brilliant day, and congratulations to Malorie Blackman for winning! I love visiting Aberdeen, not least because it gives me a chance to pop in and say hi to my uncle, cousin and family who live up there. Plus it’s an excuse to drink unlimited amounts of Irn Bru, quite possibly the most amazing drink in the world! (No haggis this time, though, which is a shame!)

I’m sure I took some photos, I’ll post them if I find them!

In other news, I received a nice package of Brazilian Lockdowns this week, which is totally awesome!! I didn’t even realise it was out in Brazil yet, so it was a nice surprise to get these. It’s called Encarcerados: Fuga de Furnace! They’ve used the US cover, which is cool. I’ll be giving away a copy of this at some point over on the Facebook Furnace page, so make sure you’ve Liked it! I’m REALLY hoping that I’ll be able to work out a trip to Brazil at some point…


That’s about it for now! I’m furiously (haha, see what I did there) trying to get The Fury 2 finished before the end of the week, which means at least 4,000 words a day every day next week. Wish me luck!!