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Furnace in France!!!

It’s a tres exciting day today because Furnace is released in France!!! It is called La Fournaise: Enferme, and it is published by the awesome people at Pocket Jeunesse. They have really gone to town on their website, devoting their home page to the book:

And they have made this massively cool trailer for it too:

I’m so excited!! This is my first book to be released in French, and I’m hoping to head over there at some point to do some signings. I can’t actually speak much French at all – apart from the very petit I remember from ecole – but this is a good opportunity to brush up on my language skills. I just want to say a HUGE merci to everyone at PKJ for making the book look so great, and for putting so much behind it!! I’m thrilled!

Oh, and I have a spare copy, which I’m giving away. To win, just leave a comment on this blog and I will pick a winner at random in a few days. Bon chance!!