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The Swindon Youth Festival of Literature (Episode 3)!

I’m just back from a fantastic week of events in Swindon – again! It is my third year in a row at the awesome Swindon Youth Festival of Literature. It’s an amazing week of events organised by high school librarians across the city, and is seriously one of the best festivals of its kind in the world. Thanks to the festival countless authors – including Darren Shan, Derek Landy, Charlie Higson, Patrick Ness (and ME, of course) – have visited Swindon schools, bringing the excitement of books and reading and writing to thousands of students. It is always a HUGE pleasure to be a part of this festival, and 2013 was no different!

This year I visited three schools over three days: Nova Hreod (no, I couldn’t pronounce it either…) on Tuesday, Commonweal School (no, there isn’t supposed to be a ‘th’ at the end of Commonweal, I checked) on Wednesday, and Isambard on Thursday. All were seriously awesome events. It’s amazing to see how psyched the students are about books – so many love reading, and are already writing their own stories. It goes to show how a festival like this one can change the lives of so many people in a community. It really has made Swindon a city of book lovers.

I also had the pleasure of a night on the town (well, dinner, but it was night time and we were in town, so it still counts) with Fiona and Ali, two of the amazing librarians in charge of the festival, plus fellow authors Ali Sparkes, the Two Steves and poet Ash Dickinson. All in all, an awesome week! Thanks again, guys, for letting me take part, and hopefully see you all next year!!


One of my favourite photos of the week, mainly because of the expression on the face of the guy to the left! That must be one awesome story he is writing!