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Lockdown Reviews!

Just a quick post: I’ve been meaning to link to some Lockdown reviews in the States for a while now, and here they are! I’ll add more when I find them!

Thanks to everybody for the awesome reviews!!!


Read them here, here, here, here, here, here and here!

The Book Smugglers

For anybody who wants an insight into what went into writing Furnace then head over to the excellent Book Smugglers blog. It’s run by Ana, one of the lovely people I met at the Guillermo Del Torro signing, and is an utterly fantastic place to visit for book reviews and giveaways. Ana recently reviewed Furnace (extremely positively, thanks!) and asked me if I wanted to do a guest post. I started to write something for her, and that something became a very personal insight into a difficult period in my past which ultimately led to the creation of Alex Sawyer, the hero (antihero?) of the Furnace books. There’s also a chance to win Furnace goodies!

Anyway, check it out for yourself!

And thanks, Ana, for the chance to bare my soul!

James Patterson!!!

Wes, my editor in the US, has just emailed me to let me know that James Patterson – quite possibly one of the best-selling writers in all of history – has read Furnace Lockdown (well, the US version, so Lockdown: Escape From Furnace) and loved it! Loved it enough, in fact, to give us this quote to use:

“Fresh and ferocious, Lockdown will hook boys with its gritty, unrelenting surprises.” –James Patterson

How cool is that?! I’ve read a couple of Patterson’s Alex Cross novels for adults and they’ve been tense, gripping reads (I love the films too), so it’s a real honour to know that he’s read my book and liked it. Thanks James! With any luck it will help me sell a fraction of the 150 million books that he has sold to date!