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The Fury Bonus Material: Covers!

I love the cover for The Fury – it’s the perfect fit for the book. Besides, every single thriller in the world has a silhouette of a running man on the cover, I think there must be some law about it! Creating the cover was an interesting journey, and here are some of the covers that almost made it!

Hand of Fury!

This was one of the first designs I saw, and I thought it was pretty amazing. I loved the blue flames! I think the designer worried that people wouldn’t really get why there was a big hand on the book, which is a good point as I wondered that myself!

Stand of Fury!

This one was good too, but the figure wasn’t dynamic enough. It looks a bit like he’s nipped into the woods for a wee and been startled by a cameraman…

Eyeball of Fury!

I LOVED this one. That eye was so spooky! I thought we could also try it with a really terrifying face in the letters instead, but I’m not sure if it ever happened. If we’d gone with this design I would have insisted on a dye cut, with the letters cut out and a second cover put behind it with the face on. But alas that was just too expensive. It’s been done before as well… Shame!

Tunnel of Fury!

Recognise this one? It’s the one the designer finally went for. I think it’s great – out of all of the designs it feels the most claustrophobic and dynamic, you really feel panicky at the thought of entering that tunnel! It needed a bit more work, but I’m glad we went with it! The weird thing was that the cover for The Fury is pretty similar to the US cover for Fugitives, which was released last month. They could be siblings!!

My books are related!!

Trees of Fury!

This one wasn’t as strong as the others, I thought. It looked like a man walking his dog through the woods. I did like the spooky atmosphere, but it wasn’t quite furious enough for a book called The Fury!

More Hand of Fury!

This was from the next batch, taking another look at the hand. I liked the fire, and it really fit in well with events towards the end of the book, but it still didn’t quite work. We were getting close, though!! After a little more tooing and froing, the designer came up with the final image. The tunnel… but with fire!!! It’s maybe not the most original image in the world for a thriller, but it promises exactly what you get in the book: excitement, drama, horror, panic, action, and fire. Lots and lots of fire.

The Fury!

Did you prefer any of the other covers? What would you have put on the front of the book? Let me know!

Cover News!

I’ve been talking to my editor in the States about what to do for the cover for Furnace 3, Death Sentence. They had already mocked up something, which I’ve posted below. I absolutely love this, it’s terrifying!!! And it goes so well with the other covers. However, they have decided that they want to go with something a little different, as they’re not sure how well teenage readers will respond to a cover with an old man on it. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. But I just wanted to to show this to you because it’s so incredibly creepy and they’ve captured the warden’s evil so well!

Even even more cover news!

This isn’t the final cover for Furnace: Execution, but it’s almost there. I love it, what does everybody think?

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering what ‘Furnace: Execution’ is, it’s the new name for the fifth and final book the series. It was originally due to be called ‘Furnace: The Crimson Mile’, which was a nod to one of my favourite writers, but I thought ‘Execution’ was scarier, clearer, and more in keeping with the rest of the series!

Good title? Bad title? Let me know!