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Hang on, it’s April?!?!

Easter is well known for the dead rising, but not like this!

Hi guys! Happy February! Oh, wait, I mean happy March. No… It can’t be April already… It’s still snowing for one thing! I’m sure time gets faster as you get older. Or maybe not so much faster as slippier. When you’re a kid you seem to be able to hold on to the leash of time pretty easily. You can keep it to heel. But the older you get the harder it pulls, and just tears off without you, leaving you chasing it down the road shouting ‘Wait, come back, don’t go in there, stop eating that cat!’ Time is a dog. Metaphor of the day.

Anyway, my excuses are that I’ve been away on tour – three weeks of events around the UK. It’s been awesome, and I’ll post a more detailed report soon, but there is never time to blog when I’m away. I’m always too busy raiding the chocolate vending machines in Premier Inn. The other reason is that my lovely other half, Lyns, has been in hospital for surgery. Nope, the wheezers weren’t turning her into a blacksuit (although part of me thinks that would actually be quite cool). She’s back home now and all is well, but schedules have been completely thrown to the wind while she recovers.

The great thing about that is Lynsey, Lucy and I have pretty much spent the whole of the last week playing video games! And we’ve been lucky to find a couple of really good ones. I picked up LA Noire for pocket change at the weekend. I always wanted to play it when it was first released, but for some reason never got round to it. I’m so glad we finally gave it a go, though, because it’s a superb game with a great story. It really does feel like you’re in the middle of a film noire, but everything is in colour! Really well worth checking out – although fair warning, the crimes that you’re investigating are pretty brutal.

The other one we stumbled across is the Walking Dead game, by Telltale Games. I love the books and the TV show, and I’d heard good things about the game, so we gave it a go. It’s awesome! It really puts you right in the middle of the WD universe, and forces you to make some lightning quick and very difficult decisions, the same way you would if you were actually there. There’s no time to think, and people’s lives hang in the balance, so you can end up making some pretty awful choices, but just like life there’s no going back. You really do feel exhausted after playing it. Check it out!

But sadly the Easter weekend is over now, so I guess it’s back to work. Wait, I’m a writer, I don’t work. Yay!

More soon!


No zoo for Gordy :-(

I thought since it was such a nice day yesterday we should all do something fun, and I suggested going to the zoo. I haven’t been to the zoo for years, and I do love looking at all the animals. But could I convince anybody to go? No! Jamie, now 13 bless him, only wants to skateboard, and despite being covered in bruises and having a huge gash on his face from a recent faceplant he still insists on foregoing everything in favour of whizzing around on a plank of wood attached to some tiny wheels. I don’t personally see the attraction, I mean maybe if it had a V8 engine attached to it… I asked Lynsey and Lucy, but they inexplicably chose to stay at home and watch the Chuckle Brothers. Thanks a lot, Barry and Paul.

So instead I decided to catch up on some mail, and managed to post off a load of parcels to people which I’d been meaning to do for ages. And I also finally got the nail pulled out of my car tyre. It was actually a huge screw in the end, god only knows how it got in there. Which was all very fun, but hardly as good as watching monkeys throw poo at each other.

The day was saved in the end when Jen rang and asked if I fancied a McDonalds with her and Nathan, which I didn’t, really, but I thought I should force one down in an attempt to be social. It was delicious, although I got a Crunchie McFlurry not realising that they had Cream Egg ones, cheated! After that we got some beers and spent the next five hours running people over in Grand Theft Auto. I don’t know what it is about that game but it turns people into monsters! So much fun, though…

Anyway, I’m about to try my zoo plan again today, even though it’s raining.