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Har Har Me Mateys!

Everyone seems to have been working really hard the last few weeks, so on Saturday we decided to give ourselves a break and head out to Yarmouth for the day. Once there, windswept and sunburned on the beautiful beach, we played hide and seek on the dunes. Well, they’re not really dunes, more lumpy bits in the beach, but there were enough contours and sea grass tufts to hide us (even my belly remained hidden from view, which is really saying something). Jamie, being a grumpy thirteen-year-old, didn’t want to come at first, and we practically had to drag him away from his dank pit of a bedroom. But once he was there, running about and diving into the sand like some kind of hyperactive beach monkey, he absolutely loved it.

An hour or so later, and with enough sand in our ears and underpants to supply a glass factory for a year, we headed up the seafront and grabbed burgers / hot dogs / bacon butties, plus eight donuts. God I love beach food! We were going to have traditional fish and chips, but being optimistic I suggested we had burgers for lunch then fish and chips for tea! Next we popped into the pirate crazy golf course for a quick game before the rain came down. Lyns had never played before (which explains a lot), but then neither had Lucy and she was ace. I, of course, scored a hole in one on the third hole. Go me! Here are the hang being all piratey and golfy:

I had to leave early to run and get the car before it was clamped, and we all got a bit damp in a sudden summer storm. But it really was a lovely day, and so nice to do something that didn’t involve sitting in front of a computer for twenty hours a day! In the end we didn’t stop for fish and chips, but I made up for it later by sneaking out and having a pie and chips at the chippy round the corner! Sunday was a DIY day – sanding the hall floor (which is the worst job in history) and trimming the hedge (which wasn’t too bad). Unfortunately it’s back to my desk now, at least until Kung Fu this evening!

Aye aye, Cap’n!

Today I’m recovering after a day on the boat. Not my boat, obviously, but a day hire boat. Kate, Simon and I hired one out for a location scout on the Broads. The weather forecast promised rain, but it was glorious sunshine all day (apart from the ten minutes where we were mooring the boat when it rained so much and so hard I thought we were going to sink), so much so that I’m currently burned to a crisp! It was absolutely beautiful out there on the rivers and broads, I can’t believe I haven’t done it since I was a kid, especially considering it’s less than half an hour up the road and cheap as chips.

We took our little picnic boat out at Wroxham and chugged along the waterways through Horning and up to Ranworth. Here we met Jen (the director), Tania (the DoP) and Nathan (who had nothing better to do), grabbed some lunch in a nearby pub, then set sail (well, set engine) and travelled a bit further downstream. There are some magnificent locations – including an old 14th Century Abbey which is supposed to be haunted by a monk who was skinned alive and nailed to the door, nice! – and we’re definitely hoping to use some for the film. The week on the boat is the one I’m most excited about, as hopefully it will feel like one big holiday!

The best thing about the trip, though, was the birds. There were so many of them – grebes, coots and we even saw about ten herons – and it was so wonderful to see them. Yes, I know, I’m starting to sound like my dad… The coots were my favourite. When you throw bread for them they stretch their wings and run along the water to catch it, it’s such a funny thing to watch:

It’s funnier when they’re not in slow motion, but that’s the only video I could find! And wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to do that!

I’m going to try and get out on a boat a few times this year. My friend Tom, who runs Gatehouse Press, has just bought one, so I’m hoping to go down and take that out for a spin…

Just call me Captain Gordy!

Mind you, it was so knackering, even though you’re just standing around doing nothing. Nathan, Jen and I came back to mine afterwards (after bumping into Lynsey and Lucy, coincidentally, and giving them a lift home, it’s a small world) and we were going to watch a film, but we were all drifting off at about half nine. We just about had enough energy for a curry though :-)

Easter fair today, yay!

Not again!

Just got back from seeing Monsters Vs Aliens 3D… Again! Jamie couldn’t come with us last time, so I promised I’d take him again. I wanted to go and see Fast and Furious (saaaad, I know) but he was insistent. I checked out how the 3D system worked before going this time, and it’s such a clever thing. Jamie loved the film, and I have to say I really enjoyed watching it again, but it’s definitely the 3D that makes it. And I gave in to Jamie’s demands for a Dominos for tea, even though I know it’s going to lodge itself in my guts for a week and stop me from sleeping… Nice!

It was cool to spend some time with Jamie though, what with his skateboarding I hardly see him these days!