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Happy New Year!!!

Can I still say that? I know 2010 isn’t really new any more… Well happy new year anyway, and I hope it’s a fantastic one for all of you! It was one of my many resolutions to blog more frequently, but like every single one of my resolutions (eat better, exercise every day, write something every day, keep the house tidy etc etc etc) I’ve already broken it. Never mind!

So, Christmas was lovely, as always. A nice quiet few days with friends and family! I spent Xmas day round at my mum’s. Jamie’s at an odd age now (nearly 14) where he kind of still likes the cool things I always used to buy him but also likes things like designer underwear (!!) and aftershave. So his pressies were a bit hit and miss this year – he loved the designer underwear, but the awesome water filtration experiment I got him (which he’d have loved a few years back) became the joke of the day! So it looks like I’ll be filtering water all by myself in 2010!! I went to Dad’s on Boxing Day with Kate, which was great too as I still don’t really see him that much! It was lovely to be by the sea for a couple of days too.

And the biggest news over Christmas is that I finally popped the question to Lyns, and she said yes! :-)

After new year I took the gang down to Centerparcs for a week, which was the only holiday I managed to get last year (even though it was technically this year)! It was a super break. I absolutely love Centerparcs, we’ve been three times now. The whole forest was powdered with snow and looked gorgeous, and the pool was brilliant as always. We spent the whole week swimming, and racing down the rapids, and lounging outside in the heated salt pool as the snow fell all around us. Spectacular! I could quite easily live down there.

Coming back to work last week was a bit of a shock, and I didn’t quite manage to get into the swing of it… But there’s so much to do!!!! I’m determined to make 2010 a good year, which is difficult when all I want to do is sleep in till midday and play Civilization and Warcraft… I’m never going to get eight novels finished before December at this rate! So, it’s back into a writing routine from tomorrow, starting with Furnace 4. I actually can’t wait to get stuck into it!

Anyway, happy new year again, and may it be a very special one for all of you!