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Editing feels a bit like Sisyphus being told he doesn't have to push the rock up the hill any more, only for Sisyphus to say, "Actually, I'll just do it a few more times to make sure I got it right..."


I’ve been editing. Which means I have been in hell. It’s weird, it’s something that has to be done with each and every book, but I seem to hate it even more each and every time. It’s not that I’m precious – I don’t mind the books being changed and cut down. It’s more that I’m just lazy. When I finish writing a book I feel like I’ve, well… finished it. The story is done, set in stone. I take a deep breath and step back onto planet Earth where all my friends and family are patiently waiting for me. That feeling is great, because most of the time (or all of the time) bad things happen in my books. Horrible things. And when you’re writing you really feel like you’re in there, smack bang in the middle of the nightmare. It’s an exciting process, but it’s always a relief to get out of the other side with your life and all your limbs.

Editing feels a bit like running back in to a burning building to make sure the flames are in the right place. Or leaving your safe hideout and going off in search of the monster / vampire / serial killer that you have only just escaped. It’s not like reading a book, because you still have the power to change things. But some of the things you might want to change, like characters who perish in the action, you can’t, not without ruining the story anyway. So it’s like having to go through the whole gruelling, exhausting, terrifying adventure all over again. It’s like being back there with your characters (who, by this point, are your friends) and saying “Wow, look guys, we’ve gone back in time, we can do things differently! Oh, except for you, you still have to die horribly. Sorry about that!” For ages I’ve been trying to work out why I hate editing so much, and it has literally just occurred to me that this is the reason. It’s the responsibility of having to change the story, but the inability to make things any better for the characters inside it. It is a cruel and unusual punishment.

Anyway, I’m rambling, sorry! Editing also does that to me. I spend so long muttering to nobody but myself that I come out the other side of it chattering like an excited dolphin to anyone who will listen.

There will be more news on The Fury soon, including some awesome new covers! But, to answer some questions that I know will be coming, here’s the deal with how it’s going to work on both sides of the Atlantic:

In the UK, it will be two books: The Fury (which is already out, yay!) then The Storm (coming out in March 2013).

In the US, both of these books have been condensed into one monster of a read, which is just going to be called The Fury. And that comes out in March or April 2013.

So, if you buy the US version of The Fury, it will have both The Fury and The Storm inside it (bargain)!

But, of course, before we get too excited about the Fury, remember that Escape From Furnace: Execution comes out in the US IN JUST OVER A MONTH!!!!!! Keep an eye on the official Lockdown Facebook page for some competitions to win free copies!

More soon! :-)



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