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Book Recommendation: The Rule of Three

Rule of Three: Find this book, buy this book, read this book!

One of the coolest things about being an author is that you get sent books to read all the time! I love getting the chance to read things before they’re published (although saying that, I’m quite a slow reader, so even though I often get them before they’re published they’re usually out by the time I finish).

Just before Christmas I got sent a proof copy of The Rule of Three, the new book by Eric Walters. It’s an absolutely fantastic read, I couldn’t put it down. Eric is also a really cool guy who does some important work with orphans and disadvantaged children in Kenya, which is another reason why you should buy this book!

Anyway, this is what I thought about the book:

The Rule of Three is a fantastic, compelling, unforgettable book! Its simple premise—what if one day all modern technology stopped working—becomes a blisteringly fast tale of survival in a world gone to hell.

The genius of the novel isn’t its likeable, reluctant hero, teenage pilot Adam, or its explosive, bullet-ridden, nail-biting action scenes—it’s howbelievable it is. Walters perfectly captures the fragile nature of civilisation, and how easily that veneer can shatter in times of crisis. The escalation of the plot—the way society implodes as quickly and as violently as a black hole—leaves you breathless.

This book makes The Walking Dead look like a walk in the park, because in The Rule of Three the monsters howling outside your gates aren’t the undead but your friends, your fellow students, your coworkers. It will leave you looking over your shoulder to try to work out who would be your friend after the world ends, and who would very quickly become your enemy.

Combined with some deft humour, a carefully handled love story, and some white-knuckle plane rides over the growing chaos, The Rule of Three is one of my favourite books of 2014. I just hope there’s a sequel!”

Go read it!




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