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The Fury

The Devil’s Engine

The Machine will give you ANYTHING, if you’re willing to risk EVERYTHING…

When a sixteen-year-old troublemaker named Marlow Green is trapped in a surreal firefight against nightmarish creatures in the middle of his New York City neighborhood, he unwittingly finds himself amid a squad of secret soldiers dedicated to battling the legions of the devil himself.

Powering this army of young misfits is an ancient machine from the darkest parts of history. Known as the devil’s engine, it can make any wish come true-as long as you are willing to put your life on the line. Promised powers beyond belief, and facing monstrous apparitions straight out of the netherworld, Marlow must decide if he’s going to submit to a demonic deal with the infernal machine that will enable him to join the crusade-if it doesn’t kill him first.

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once you’re here, you’re here until you die…

Escape from Furnace

Beneath heaven is Hell… Beneath Hell is Furnace!

Furnace Penitentiary. The world’s most secure prison for young offenders, buried a mile beneath the earth’s surface. One way in, no way out. Once you’re here, you’re here until you die, and for most of the inmates that doesn’t take long – not with the sadistic guards and the bloodthirsty gangs.

Convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, sentenced to life without parole, ‘new fish’ Alex Sawyer knows he has two choices: find a way out, or resign himself to a death behind bars, in the darkness at the bottom of the world.

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“Ferocious!” James Patterson“Addictive!” The Daily Mail

“Hotter than Hell!” Darren Shan

“Relentlessly horrific!” The Independent

“Superb!” Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

“Adrenalin packed!” The Sunday Times

“Terrifying!” Bookbag

“A punch between the eyes kind of read!” The Financial Times


The Fury

The Fury

Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you.

Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell-bent on killing you – and only you.

Friends, lovers, even your mum and dad, brothers and sisters – they will turn on you, and they will murder you. And when they have, they will go back to their lives as if nothing has happened. The world has the Fury.

It will not rest until you are dead.

Let the nightmare begin!

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The Fury

This Book Will Kill You

This book has already killed you.

You were a deadthing the moment you read these words. You were a deadthing when you opened the first page. You were deadthing when you saw the cover. You were deadthing the very instant you discovered this story even existed, the very instant you heard somebody whisper its name.

Because if you know about the book, then she knows about you.
 If you know about the book, then she sees you.
 She’s watching you right now, can you feel her there? She’s sitting right behind you. You started to read, and her eyes peeled open and her lips peeled open and she saw you and she’s grinning her moon-yellow grin because she knows there’s nothing you can do to stop her. 
She’s already killed you. 

This book has already killed you.

So it doesn’t matter if you read on or not. There’s nothing you can do to change things now. One day very soon she’ll let you see her. You’ll turn your head and she’ll be there, sitting beside you. Or she’ll open her mouth and let you hear her dusty voice, and you won’t be able to unhear her, you won’t be able to make it stop. One day soon she’ll reach out and scratch her crackboned finger down your cheek, or you’ll wake to find her birdnest body pressed against yours, her fingers worrying themselves beneath your skin.

There’s nothing you can do to stop her, not now, not ever. But if you want to keep reading then who am I to stop you? Maybe you’ll find something I didn’t. Maybe you’ll find a way to make her unsee you.


She’s closer now, I think you must have felt that? She’s right there, her forehead is almost touching the back of your head, her bulging eyes are almost touching the back of your neck. She wants you to turn around, she wants you to see her.
 Don’t. Not yet.
You’re dead. She’s already killed you. This book has killed you. But don’t turn around yet. You might have a few hours left—days maybe, if somebody else starts to read this book as well, weeks if the whole world starts reading. But if you see her now, the rot and the horror will eat you up fast.

She sees you. She is on her way.

Don’t turn around, deadthing. 
Don’t stop now, deadthing.

Just read…

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The Inventors

The Inventors

For younger readers, the series that started it all!

Nate and Cat absolutely love inventing. And they’ve just won a scholarship with the world’s richest, cleverest, most charismatic inventor, Ebenezer Saint. Along with 23 of the brightest minds in the country they’re about to start their year-long stay in the magnificent Saint’s Solutions paradise – a vast industrial compound, filled with unimaginable inventions.

But all is not what it seems. A horrific plot is unfolding. And if Nate and Cat want to see their families again, they’ll have to out-wit, out-run and out-invent the world’s greatest inventor.

Co-written by me and my brother, Jamie Webb!

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The Inventors