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Fan Art Friday!!!

It’s Friday AGAIN!! Where do the weeks go?! The summer holidays have ended and it’s back to school / work / Furnace Penitentiary (well, hopefully not) for most of us. But there’s always Halloween to look forward to!! 🙂

To celebrate the weekend, here’s another awesome piece of Fan Art, this time from superfan Tommy! I LOVE this portrait of Alex, taken from Execution. The expression on his face is totally saying “I am going to kick some evil ass!!!!!” Thank you so much, Tommy!!

If you’d like to see your artwork here, as well as on my official Facebook page, all you have to do is email it to me!

Have a great weekend, y’all!!

(I don’t know why I said “y’all”, I’m from England.)

Alex Sawyer in Execution, by Tommy

On the Run in Brazil!


12804624_776284812472506_7250674339519254174_nThere is so much about being an author that is awesome, but sometimes, every now and then, something happens that is just mind-blowingly amazing. And this is one of those times! A few years back, the Escape From Furnace series sold into Brazil. This was fantastic news, because I’d heard from other writers just how many passionate and devoted readers there are in Brazil, and I couldn’t wait for them to be incarcerated inside the world of Furnace Penitentiary.

I wasn’t disappointed! It didn’t take long for Furnace to build a small but absolutely wonderful following of Brazilian fans. I was getting dozens of emails a week from people who loved the series. How cool is that! As often happens with foreign editions, though, my Brazilian publisher only bought the rights to the first three books, and then made the decision not to publish the rest!

Disaster! Outrage! I was so disappointed, because I wanted my Brazilian readers to be able to go on this journey, I wanted them to be able to see it through with the rest of us. I got so many emails from people wanting to know when Furnace 4 and 5 would be out, and the only answer I could give them was, I don’t know if they ever will be!!

Diegonly (left) and Raphael. You guys are AMAZING!!!!!

Then Diegonly, Raphael and Henrique got in touch. These guys were huge Furnace fans, they loved the books, and they weren’t prepared to let the series end after Furnace 3. So they began a campaign to get the publisher to publish Fugitives and Execution. They are warriors!! They never gave up. Like Alex and Zee and Donovan they knew that if they fought hard enough, if they never lost hope, then they could do anything. They set up the brilliant Furnace BR page on Facebook, they even went to talk to the publishers in person to argue their case. Their campaign worked wonders, and after a few months I got an email from my agent saying that the publisher was so impressed with the fans that they wanted to publish the last two books in the series.

How amazing is that!! 😀

And now, thanks to these guys, FUGITIVES IS ON SALE IN BRAZIL!!!!!!

I just want to say a HUGE thanks to Diegonly, Raphael and Henrique, and everyone else who read the books in Brazil, and who fought to see this adventure through to the end. All writers rely on their fans, we write the books for you, and events like this are what make everything worthwhile. These books simply would not be available to read without you guys, and for that I owe you big time!!

So those of you who want to know what happens next, pick up a copy of the book! All for one, and let’s get the hell out of Furnace!!!!!

Obrigado amigos!!!!! 😀


The Most Awesome Thing I Have Ever Seen!!! (Part 2)

Here’s Part 2 of Sara Kipin’s AWESOME graphic novel version of one of my favourite scenes from Death Sentence. I was blown away when I saw this!!!! If you missed Part 1, click here!!!!

Reprinted here with the kind permission of the awesome artist, and all artwork remains © of the artist! Click on the images for bigger versions (and you are going to want to see bigger versions)!

Thanks again, Sara!!!!!!!!!


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