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I’ve spoken in schools, libraries, universities, cinemas, town halls, book fairs, festivals, and prisons all over the world, and I absolutely love getting the chance to connect with readers and writers of all ages. If you would like me to visit your school or library, just get in touch! Below is a sample of some of the things I do, but I’m always up for new challenges!

School Events

I run talks and workshops in schools for all year groups / grades. The emphasis is always on stoking a genuine love for reading and writing, inspiring students to want to tell their own stories. They are entertaining, fast paced days with a great atmosphere and a lot of fun.

Here’s a short blurb for the workshop:
Horror is the best genre for new writers, because anything can happen! Use your fears – from ghosts and vampires to teachers and broccoli, spiders and heights to slugs and clowns – to come up with your own terrifyingly creative ideas, then discover how to expand those moments of inspiration into stories with a beginning, middle and end. Learn how to write three-dimensional characters that readers really believe in, build realistic worlds, and create stories that will keep people entertained. Guaranteed fun for writers of all ages and abilities!

And here’s one for the talk:
Join bestselling author Alexander Gordon Smith for a hilarious and inspirational talk about what it takes to be a writer. From puke-inducingly terrifying nights in haunted houses to building real-life rocket boots, prosthetic monsters to exploding cow pats, Gordon’s anecdotes will have students rolling around in the aisles with laughter then running off to write their own stories. Full of encouragement for students who already write, the talk is also perfect for those people who (mistakenly!) believe that writing is just about sitting at a desk all day. Fast-paced, fun and unforgettable!

If it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, just let me know what you need! I also run motivational days, screenwriting activities, and more focussed writing workshops.


If you’re in the US and want to Skype, just email me, it’s totally free!


“I do have to say you were one of my very favorite authors of all time. Very few do I have the pleasure of truly connecting with due to the limited time I have to spend with each of you and I so much enjoyed your gentle soul, social ease, sense of humor and exuberance. Thank you!” Michelle Lane, organiser, Cavalcade of Authors, Washington State, USA

“The entire juvenile detention school loved you! You are a dynamic speaker! We had such a great time! You truly were amazing! I can’t express how grateful we all are for your great generosity. You are wonderful. I will be passing along to my colleagues what a wonderful presenter and human being you are- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Jennifer Kendall, Youth Services Librarian
Prescott Public Library

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday, you were absolutely brilliant. The students loved it and I have had such positive feedback from it! I am having to do another order of books because they are in such high demand! I even found out from a student today that various students were trying to get in touch with their parents yesterday to ask them to purchase a book! The students are working on their thank you notes to send over to you! :-)” Sophie Pedley, Erasmus Darwin Academy

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your visit last week. I have been inundated with students wanting to buy and borrow your books. I sold every copy I ordered! I had a year 8 student in on Friday, and bearing in mind he bought a book at lunchtime on Wednesday, his comment was, “I NEEEED book 2 – I have to know what happens.” It was music to my ears. The students have been really inspired, and they loved the gruesome mask!” Sarah Day, Ridgeway School

“A very massive thank you from me for today, your sessions today were fantastic and your message about you can be anything you want to be to the kids was just perfect. You are a constant hit here at the Swindon Youth Festival of Literature, the students and staff all love you. Thank you!”

Currently I am:

Patron of Reading, City Academy, Norwich
Writer in Residence, Sheringham High School
Author in Residence, Ormiston Venture Academy


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