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Other Writings!

I’ve written a few extra bits and pieces which I’ll post here, starting with probably the most disgusting short story I have ever written…




Imagine a world where the only food… is snot!

In the not so distant future, food is a thing of the past. Fortunately, though, scientists have developed a virus that can feed everyone on the planet – which is great, so long as you don’t mind eating SNOT!!

Peter is one of the unlucky ones, the virus hasn’t worked on him. Surrounded at school by champion snotters, he is forced to eat cow bogies, which is even more gross than human snot. But when students start to go missing, and the giant, snot-obsessed teachers become even fatter than usual, Peter realises that school dinners are the least of his problems…

A truly disgusting short story in the vein of Dahl and Walliams, just don’t read it while you’re eating your lunch!!

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