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The Nightmare is Complete!

From the author of the Escape from Furnace series, The Devil's Engine is an explosive new horror trilogy about an ordinary American kid caught up in an invisible war against the very worst enemy imaginable.

There is a machine from the darkest parts of history, concealed in an impossible location, that can make any wish come true, and the only price you have to pay is your soul. Known as the Devil's Engine, this device powers a brutal war between good and evil that will decide the fate of every living thing on Earth.

When a 16-year-old asthmatic kid named Marlow Green unwittingly rescues an ass-kicking secret soldier from a demonic attack in the middle of his New York neighborhood, he finds himself following her into a centuries-old conflict between a group of mysterious protectors and the legions of the Devil himself.

Faced with superpowers, monsters, machine guns, and a lot worse, Marlow knows it's going to be a breathless ride—and not just because he's lost his inhaler along the way.

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Kirkus review

Hellraisers is Seeing Stars!!

The first book in the Devil’s Engine series has just been given a Starred Review from Kirkus!! Check out the review! Thanks so much to everyone at Kirkus, you guys rock!!

The Fury

This Book Will Kill You

I have a new book out! It’s a short novel, based on a recurring nightmare I used to have when I was a kid. A nightmare about a witch. The name on the cover is Tommi Bright, because she is the main character and this is her story. But trust me, I think this is the scariest thing I have ever written.

Just beware, because this book could kill you… (and, you know, there’s a bit of swearing!)

Find it exclusively on Amazon!


A Very Furnace Christmas!!

It’s a little out of season now, but don’t forget to read the Escape From Furnace Christmas Special over on Wattpad. It’s a great little story, and perfect for anyone who wants to know why Donovan loves burgers so much…

Read it here for free!