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• The Fury


they must fight to uncover the truth about the Fury before it’s too late

The Fury…

Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you.

Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell-bent on killing you – and only you.

Friends, lovers, even your mum and dad, brothers and sisters – they will turn on you, and they will murder you. And when they have, they will go back to their lives as if nothing has happened. The world has the Fury.

It will not rest until you are dead.

Cal, Brick and Daisy are three ordinary teenagers whose lives suddenly take a terrifying turn for the worst. They begin to trigger a reaction in everybody they meet, that makes friends and strangers alike want to tear them to pieces. These victims of the Fury – the ones that survive – manage to locate each other. But just when they think they have found a place to hide from the world, some of them begin to change…They must fight to uncover the truth about the Fury before it’s too late.

But it is a truth that will destroy everything they know about life and death.

Let the nightmare begin!

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The Fury

The Storm (Kindle)…

It started with the Fury.
It will end with the Storm.

Cal, Daisy and Brick now know the terrifying secret of the Fury, but the truth has made the world more dangerous than ever. In one direction the human race is still trying to murder them – every single person they meet becomes a bloodthirsty savage. In the other rages a monumental storm, born from a living corpse, a seething mass of darkness that threatens to devour everything.

Cal and the others must venture into the heart of the storm. But in unleashing their new powers they learn that they too pose a terrible threat, and that it is their own fury that could burn a hole in the world.

The concluding book in the cult epic The Fury series, The Storm continues the rollercoaster ride of horror and thrills.


The Storm (Kindle)

The Storm (Kindle)