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Welcome to the online home of me, Alexander Gordon Smith! I’m the author of twelve novels for children and young adults, including the Escape From Furnace series, The Fury, The Inventors, the Devil’s Engine trilogy, and the soon to be published This Book Will Kill You. This is a brand new site, but I’m currently uploading a ton of stuff that might be useful, including loads of information about my books, and some really useful resources for writers. This site is for you, so have a browse and have fun, and if you need to get in touch then just fill in the form below or find me on social media!

Oh, and don’t call me Alex, call me Gordon! My parents wanted to call me Gordon Alexander Smith, but they knew that if they did that my initials would spell GAS, then my nickname at school would be Gassy Gordon and everyone would be mean to me. So they switched my names around and called me Alexander Gordon Smith, but they still gave me the name Gordon. So I have to introduce myself by my middle name everywhere I go, which is really annoying, and the terrible thing is that my nickname at school was Gassy Gordon anyway. But, you know, for a different reason…

This is the quality of the material you’ll be getting on this site. Amazing!



I am the author of twelve novels for children and teenagers, including the bestselling Escape From Furnace series, The Fury, and the Devil’s Engine trilogy. Click on the books below, or the My Books tab above, for more information!


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There are probably quite a few of you here because of a school project or book report. I’ve got a monster Q&A here that contains a load of information, and there are plenty of articles too. If you need to get in touch for anything else, though, feel free!

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