The DCI Robert Kett Thrillers


I’m writing a series of crime thrillers about a police detective called Robert Kett, who has to navigate a series of brutal crimes while being a single dad to three young girls (write what you know, they say!!). They are published by Zertex Crime, a new publisher based in Scotland, and the first one is out very soon!! Read on for more information…

DCI Robert Kett is a legend in the Metropolitan Police—if somebody disappears, he will find them.

But his track record is shattered when his wife is snatched from a London street, becoming the only case he can’t solve.

With no leads, and no hope, Kett moves himself and his three young children to Norwich for a chance to heal their broken family.

But his newfound peace doesn’t last. Two newspaper delivery girls have gone missing in the city, and the clues point to a serial kidnapper.

All Kett wants to do is be a father, but he soon finds himself at the centre of one of the darkest cases of his career, a case that pits him against a horrifying evil.

And a case that might reveal the terrible truth of what happened to his wife.

Terrifying and unputdownable, the first crime novel from million-selling author Alex Smith is officially “a gripping debut” (J. D. Kirk).

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