Beneath heaven is Hell… 
Beneath Hell is Furnace!

My name is Alex and I'm not a killer. They framed me for murder, condemned me to life in Furnace with its punishments and pain.

I've got to get out of here.
If I don't, it could be me the wheezers come for.
Me who's dragged screaming from my cell.
Me who's brought back scarred, twisted and hungry for blood.

I have to escape. Before they turn me into a monster.

The award-winning, bestselling YA horror phenomenon! Read the entire series now!


“Deadthing, be careful, because if you read this book then she will open her eyes and see you.”

Young writer Tommi Bright thinks she’s outgrown the nightmares she had as a child—nightmares about a witch—until the police show up at her door and ask her if she knows a dead girl, Cara Pierce. Cara was murdered after reading one of Tommi’s stories, and as Tommi delves into her death she discovers that the witch is back to finish what she started.

A terrifying thriller from bestselling author Alexander Gordon Smith.

Just be careful. This book will kill you.



Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you.

Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell-bent on killing you – and only you.

Friends, lovers, even your mum and dad, brothers and sisters – they will turn on you, and they will murder you. And when they have, they will go back to their lives as if nothing has happened.

The world has the Fury.

It will not rest until you are dead.

All editions now contain the sequel, The Storm!



Devil's Engine Poster Final small.jpg

When a sixteen-year-old troublemaker named Marlow Green is trapped in a surreal firefight against nightmarish creatures in the middle of his New York City neighborhood, he unwittingly finds himself amid a squad of secret soldiers dedicated to battling the legions of the devil himself. Powering this army of young misfits is an ancient machine from the darkest parts of history. Known as the devil's engine, it can make any wish come true-as long as you are willing to put your life on the line. Promised powers beyond belief, and facing monstrous apparitions straight out of the netherworld, Marlow must decide if he's going to submit to a demonic deal with the infernal machine that will enable him to join the crusade-if it doesn't kill him first.

From the author of the Escape from Furnace series, The Devil's Engine: Hellraisers is the opening salvo in an explosive new horror trilogy about an ordinary American kid caught up in an invisible war against the very worst enemy imaginable.

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Nate and Cat absolutely love inventing. And they’ve just won a scholarship with the world’s richest, cleverest, most charismatic inventor, Ebenezer Saint. Along with 23 of the brightest minds in the country they’re about to start their year-long stay in the magnificent Saint Solutions paradise – a vast industrial compound, filled with unimaginable inventions.

But all is not what it seems. A horrific plot is unfolding. And if Nate and Cat want to see their families again, they’ll have to out-wit, out-run and out-invent the world’s greatest inventor.

Co-authored by me and my nine-year-old brother, Jamie! The Inventors books are currently having a makeover and will be out in brand new editions next year!


Prompted by a request on Facebook, here is a terrifying, disgusting novel about chickens...

I'm writing this on a whim, and taking guidance from Facebook, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! :-)

The plot so far...

AJ and Anna are two classmates on an end of term field trip that should be fun: abseiling, archery, swimming, and maybe a bit of midnight partying by the lake. But the campsite lies next to one of the county's largest chicken plants, and it isn't just the overwhelming stench of bird manure that is causing problems. Something weird is going on behind the metal fences, there have been strange sightings in the woods, and when the bodies start piling up, AJ and Anna realise they've stumbled into a real clucking nightmare...

Updated every once in a blue moon!!


A few years back I was walking through the park with a heavy cold, swallowing massive mouthfuls of phlegm (as you do). It was really gross, and I suddenly found myself thinking about an awful scenario where the only food left in the world was snot. Of course I decided to write a story about it. So here, in all its disgusting glory, is SNOT. Just a warning, it's pretty gross. I mean, so gross that it's the only story of mine my sister has never been able to read, and she's a hardcore horror fan. :-)


Since the great famine, it's the only thing on the menu. Packed with everything you need to survive, snot is the ultimate food source. Unless you can produce your own then you're forced to suck up somebody else's, or dine on cow snot from the canteen. Pete is a drythroat, unable to make his own meals, but when some of the best snotters in his school start disappearing, he realises that he has bigger problems to deal with. Did I warn you it was gross?