Do You Like Crime? I Like Crime! Crime is Awesome!

Not real crime, obviously, just pretend crime. And that’s why I’ve just finished writing a brand new crime thriller called Paper Girls, which is coming out next month. It’s being published by Zertex Crime, a new publishing company based in Scotland, and I’m quite excited about it! I’m publishing it under the name Alex Smith, because there are parts of the book that are definitely not suitable for younger readers… But if you’re okay with a bit of gore, and some swearing, then feel free to check it out! :-)

The Furnace Movie is Coming!!!

It’s early days, but we have the most amazing team working on bringing you the best movie imaginable. Roger Lay Jr and Eric Carnagey, of Lay Carnagey Entertainment (Aliens Ate My Homework) are working with Shaun Redick (Get Out, BlacKkKlansman) and his partner Yvette Yates (Malicious), through their company Impossible Dream Entertainment, to create something big, bold, and brilliantly explosive!!

Great news for audiobook fans!!!!

Some AMAZING news just in!! Awesome audiobooks publisher Tantor is releasing the fourth and fifth books in the Escape From Furnace series!!! So for those of you who love to listen to your stories, you can finally finish the saga. Fugitives is just out, and Execution is on its way. It’s a different narrator, but the same great story. Many thanks to longhaul father and daughter trucker team Daniel and Autumn for being the first listeners, and for giving it the thumbs up!! :-)