Do You Like Crime? I Like Crime! Crime is Awesome!

Not real crime, obviously, just pretend crime. And that’s why I’ve just finished writing a brand new crime thriller called Paper Girls, which is coming out next month. It’s being published by Zertex Crime, a new publishing company based in Scotland, and I’m quite excited about it! I’m publishing it under the name Alex Smith, because there are parts of the book that are definitely not suitable for younger readers… But if you’re okay with a bit of gore, and some swearing, then feel free to check it out! :-)

Here’s the blurb…

paper girls cover final.jpg

DCI Robert Kett is a legend in the Metropolitan Police—if somebody disappears, he will find them.

But his track record is shattered when his wife is snatched from a London street, becoming the only case he can’t solve.

With no leads, and no hope, Kett moves himself and his three young children to Norwich for a chance to heal their broken family.

But his newfound peace doesn’t last. Two newspaper delivery girls have gone missing in the city, and the clues point to a serial kidnapper.

All Kett wants to do is be a father, but he soon finds himself at the centre of one of the darkest cases of his career, a case that pits him against a horrifying evil.

And a case that might reveal the terrible truth of what happened to his wife.

Terrifying and unputdownable, the first crime novel from million-selling author Alex Smith is officially “a gripping debut” (J. D. Kirk).